Gait & Posture


Doctor Consultation

Specialist consultant for any Knee or Hip joint related issue: Joint pains, Arthritis, Sports Injury, Arthroscopy, Cartilage Regeneration, Stem cells and Injection treatments, Joint Replacement surgery and Complex previously failed surgery.

Comprehensive lower limb (Thigh, Knee and Foot problems) & Posture assessment

Carried out by consultant Physiotherapist specialized in posture and assessment along with ergonomic advice. Catered mostly for people having desk jobs with consequent early wear and tear in knees and simultaneous back problems. The assessment would enlighten how problems are interlinked and provide advice on footwear support, use of correct equipment at the workplace besides curative exercises.

Gait & Balance Analysis

Incorrect walking patterns, poor posture and bad sitting habits are the leading causes of arthritis. Hence, it is vital to evaluate it objectively and correct it before it becomes disruptive. We specialize in assessment of gait and posture. We have developed an indigenous gait analysis device that can objectively assess gait. We are among the few centres in India where we can predict arthritis by evaluating the body balance and walking pattern before x-rays or MRI findings could detect it.


This comprises an examination, manual assessment of shape abnormalities and strains followed by a computerised dynamic scanning of foot pressures and mapping with a printed report.

Footwear advice can be provided on the basis of the visual report. Ready- made footwear or insoles and/ or custom- made solutions can be provided along with other remedial solutions.

Footwear & Splints

A range of insoles and footwear modifications are available in- house with advice from our qualified assessment experts. Customised solutions to strains in the feet can be provided by various readily available insoles or splints (in case of sprains or injuries) for most common and minor issues of the feet.

Modifications of insole are often possible on the spot so as to relieve pressure points on the feet. In others, In cases which have more severe affections, we also provide customised footwear by liaison with standard providers. Measurements can be taken and provided with fitting at a subsequent date.

Footwear modifications are mostly with insoles such that the person can wear whatever design they want on the outside. Only few cases require specific type of shoes with visible changes made on the outer aspect of the shoe. Even existing shoes can be modified to suit the person better. Shoe designs to suit individual feet can be advised upon.

Sports Rehabilitation

Personalised advisory on how to modify training due to repetitive strain injuries from specific sports or gymnasium workouts. This needs to include an assessment of the individual activity undertaken and the problem condition. Detailed instruction on how to modify workout without allowing muscle wasting such that minimal time is lost from return to sport.

Arthritis specific exercising & fitness

Exercises to help reverse symptoms and achieve full potential of quality activities like kneeling down in cases of early stages of arthritis. This is not conventional physiotherapy but confidence building sessions with education for patients as to what they can achieve realistically, provided they motivate themselves to carry out the exercises at home themselves. It also includes advice on what sport or exercise activity and daily chores the individual can undertake following a thorough assessment.

Post- surgical rehabilitation – sports

Resuming sports without proper rehabilitation and training can lead to re-injury. Therefore, it’s crucial that athletes understand the phases of recovery and go through a staged rehabilitation program before returning to their sports. An understanding of common injury patterns and causes is vital. So adequate training program can be incorporated to avoid unwanted stain that causes hiccups in the recovery process. The return to sport can also be quickened.

Post- surgical rehabilitation – joint replacement

People assume that physiotherapy is required for a couple of months after surgery. However, that should ideally be incorporated into the immediate post- operative regime if modern day ‘Enhanced Recovery’ techniques are being practised, like in the best centres of the world. Once the pain following surgery settles, it is required to the give the patient confidence to return to all their desired activities by attending to the other muscles affecting neighbouring joints, the back and the whole body.

QOL improvement post- Arthritis & Injuries

Wrong myths need to be busted: people with arthritis can indeed climb stairs, kneel down and squat if they determine and work towards these activities. If treated in time, one can live a normal life with a full quality as desired. Using knee caps continuously as often advised to alleviate knee pain, can, in fact start a vicious cycle, make your muscles weaker and worsen arthritis in the longer term. We encourage you to wean off these bad habits and strengthen your body and mind.

Gait training for outdoor activities

Walking outdoors is important to keep up fitness levels and avoid joint pain. People are often frightened to go outside because of uneven roads. Therefore, we created a simulated walking path to help people become familiar with different walking surfaces. This helps train to prevent injury and falls when one is outdoors. Balance is also developed, thereby increasing confidence and productivity.

Group Therapy

The best motivation is undoubtedly provided by peers going through similar situations. We encourage people to get together such that they can guide and make each other more confident and thereby decrease dependence on others around them. This also helps reduce number of traditional type physiotherapy sessions and the cost of individual sessions.

Educative group activity

For interested individuals, we provide training sessions for people with similar conditions such that particular exercise sessions are taught and practised in the presence of a wider audience, with audio- visual demonstration. This reduces the cost of individual sessions too, but more importantly, works better for confidence building with feedback from peers.

We combine traditional exercises and incorporate them into different routine activities in these sessions, such that exercising doesn’t become a chore and can be better undertaken with enjoyment. These sessions combine the best of principles from alternative medicine principles: Yoga & Naturopathy.

Acupuncture therapy/Dry needling

Cupping therapy

Kinesiology Taping

Physiotherapy services

Fall prevention strategies

Posture Education

Our team comprises people from different disciplines so that we combine the best of medical and traditional practices, the correct specialist doctor for the diagnostics and best allied health practitioners, physiotherapists and trainers in combination.