Gait & Posture

About Gaticentre

Gati means movement, which in turn is the essence of life. Arthritis and injuries of the legs affect almost half of our population and are now common in youngsters too. Majority of such problems have their root in the way we walk or position ourselves over the day. Our aim at GATI is hence to tackle the disease at it’s origin and provide solutions wherein you could rectify it on your own. We are not a traditional clinic, rather a comprehensive centre that will help you understand and control your own posture and walking to help overcome issues without conventional medicines.

In short, we could describe ‘Gati’ as a movement to bring about awareness regarding arthritis and joint injuries; a means to regain quality of life.

Our aim at GATI is to tackle the disease at its origin and provide self-care solutions. We want to educate both the younger and older generation to recognise and pay attention to symptoms like knee and groin pain, swelling, clicking, slipping or giving way, instability, limping during walking, losing balance, soreness after exercise and similar symptoms that are often neglected or do not settle after minor initial treatments. Many people choose not to squat or kneel, but inability to do so becomes a disability over time.

It is often thought that kneeling/ squatting is bad for us whereas the truth is opposite: all cultures have adopted to these positions during prayer or certain activities for hundreds of years. People who kneel and sit on the floor regularly are very healthy as compared to people who form bad habits of wearing knee caps and only sit on chairs.

Working from home with electronics is now essential for everyone but bad postures bring about muscle changes and damage joints.

Various medicines, even so called traditional ‘tonics’, bring about side effects in the long term like loss of blood supply or ‘avascular necrosis’ of hip as well as knee bones.

The pattern of walking or gait is affected very early in arthritis, even before any problem is evident on MRI or X-rays.

We have an innovative detailed objective testing facility of ability to maintain balance during standing and walking. This provides a report of muscle weaknesses and co-ordination so that exercise solutions can be given.

Subtle abnormalities in foot are much commoner than thought. Improper footwear can aggravate strains on foot and thereby affect the way we walk, damaging the knee joints too. Checking for foot pressure – both statically and dynamically makes way for easy solutions by way of understanding and modifying our footwear.

We would hence like to project the centre as a gymnasium designed for people with injuries or arthritis. Providing knowledge to enlighten about disabilities and scientific evidence- based treatment solutions to overcome them.

‘We liaise with allied facilities like footwear provision, orthotics (splints), gymnasia and fitness centres to customize for patients with specific problems and help them achieve the activity they desire in a wholistic manner.’